Alchemy items can be forged in the Alchemy Warehouse at Meermark's Inn for a fee. Certain quests and dungeons require to have the required item to complete it. Only Alchemist's can make items. If the ores aren't compatible, an explosion will ensue, so ensure that you have the ores needed.

Alchemy ItemsEdit

  • Air Seed: This item allows you to breathe underwater. With this, it is possible to explore underwater dungeons.
  • Angel's Fenestral: When you enter a cave, this item will display a small map of the surrounding area. you should make one if you don't want to get lost.
  • Rock Counter: This will tell you the number of stone blocks on a given floor. If you're in a spot where you're stuck, you might be able to use stones.
  • Dove's Bell: This item drives away enemies that are waiting on the floor in which it is used. Use if you want to move forward quickly.
  • Crow's Bell: Some rooms are guarded by monsters. They won't revive once they are defeated, even if you move away from the floor, but you can ring this to make them appear again.
  • Sheephair Brush: The Sheephair Brush will show you where enemies are waiting in ambush when you display your map. It's useful only for displaying enemies lying in wait. It's usually a good idea to have one on hand.
  • Bone Slippers: If your party is annihilated, these will automatically bring their bodies back to Trangelda. But they'll still be dead, of course.
  • Death's Pinwheel: This will tell you the levels of any enemies encountered it is important to run away if the difference between your and your enemies' level is too great.
  • Dice of Fate: There are many things that can occur in any situation. But can you understand your own fate when you see it? You can check with these dice.
  • Philosopher's Stone: No one has ever obtained this, not even the masters of alchemy. It is said to appear on its own if the conditations are right, but no one knows what those conditions are...

Composition Edit

Result Composition 1 Composition 2
Airseed Vectorium + Elvish Iron Vectorium + Sensolite
Angel's Fenestral Devil Ore + Elvish Iron None
Rock Counter Devil Ore + Sensolite Vectorium + Devil's Lapis
Dove's Bell Devil's Lapis + Elvish Iron Devil's Lapis + Sensolite
Sheephair Brush Devil Ore + Devil's Lapis Elvish Iron + Millstone
Bone Slippers Devil Ore + Millstone Elvish Iron + Sensolite
Death's Pinwheel Vectorium + Millstone None
Dice of Fate Devil's Lapis + Millstone None
Philosopher's Stone None None