FaceNinja The Ninja is a powerful fighter that uses Japanese equipment and can perform Thief duties. Like the Brawler it is very important that you only equip them with equipment that has the "Lowered AC Ability On" capability, check the item's status with the Triangle button. Because of the very high stat requirements it is recommend that you level up a lower class and then change to Ninja later on.

  • Stat Requirements: 14 Strength, 15 Intelligence, 13 Piety, 15 Vitality, 16 Agility, and 16 Luck
  • Alignments: Evil
  • Skills:
    • Thief Skills
    • Lower AC - Gives you lower AC as long as all of your equipment has the "Lowered AC Ability On" capability.
    • Improved Beheading Rate - Improved chance to instantly kill an enemy.
    • Vigilance -